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Stay informed and connected by being part of the largest nonprofit community of massage therapists in the province

  • The ANBMT uses competency standards and accepts massage therapists with training accepted by a regulated province. All members must graduate from a school with a curriculum accepted by a province with provincially legislated standards for practice (Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland & Labrador).

  • The ANBMT has a constitution, code of ethics, and bylaws that establish the ethical considerations for members, and an elected Board.

  • Members are recognized by Medavie Blue Cross and other extended healthcare insurance plans as registered health care providers and frequently prepare written reports for legal and medical purposes.

  • The ANBMT provides a peer mentoring program to offer supportive services to therapists who have questions or require guidance within the practice of massage therapy. The goal of the program is to encourage and support personal and professional growth for our members

  • ANBMT Newsletters

  • Website advertises ANBMT to the public

  • A yearly subsidized and sponsored course calendar to help our members receive further training and continuous education units

  • You will receive information on other continuing education courses in the province

  • Free advertising on the Internet and through our referral program "Find A Therapist in Your Area"

  • We provide access to high quality, affordable professional liability insurance at very competitive rates

  • We encourage and support members to become actively involved in promoting massage therapy as a profession

  • The ANBMT represents the interests of massage therapists across New Brunswick

  • The ANBMT is a member of the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance–The CMTA is a nationwide alliance composed of provincial professional associations to provide a forum for collaboration to advance massage therapy as a health care profession in Canada
  • The ANBMT is an active advocate for the massage therapy profession and its members are well represented before regulatory and governmental bodies, and much more...

    • Largest nonprofit community of massage therapists in the province
    • Affordable & competitive membership fees
    • Bilingual services and with all communications provided in both official languages
    • Comprehensive group healthcare benefits plan
    • Goodlife Corporate Membership
    • Annual general meeting and conference
    • Raise public awareness of the essential role of massage therapy as a healthcare option and to generate support for tax-exempt status of massage therapy; actively lobbying the Federal Government (RMT/ACT)
    • Regular job bank postings
    • ANBMT members receive 25% off monthly base clinic fee through SOAPVAULT
    • Active FaceBook community and private member's group
    • Exclusive discounts! 50% off any ANBMT sponsored course (for new members) see details below

Whether you are a current massage therapy student or an established professional, we have a membership option to fit your career.  Click here

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