Professional Liability Insurance


BFL CANADA is a tale of entrepreneurship. One entrepreneur with a vision to build, recruiting others to share that vision; to create a Canadian powerhouse in an industry that was traditionally dominated by foreign firms in Canada.

BFL CANADA was founded in 1987, from scratch. Through organic growth and small targeted acquisitions, we are now present in 14 Canadian cities and employ over 1200 insurance professionals.

Through our belief of establishing partnerships with our clients, BFL CANADA has achieved remarkable growth. We are the largest privately owned commercial insurance broker in Canada, owned 100% by its Canadian employees/Quebec Pension.

Our rate of client retention, at 98%, is unequalled in our industry. This success is due to our personnel’s expertise, professionalism and dedication. 

At BFL CANADA, we are a proud team of professionals with a history of finding innovative solutions to the unique challenges brought to us by our clients

The word “team” is taken seriously here at BFL CANADA. Not only do we believe that working with our clients is the most effective approach to delivering outstanding results, we also work as a team amongst ourselves – sharing knowledge and expertise across units/divisions, offices, and regions of the country.

Our business model relies on and encourages a strong team effort, providing top performers the opportunity to become shareholders, a practice which guarantees our clients receive the attention they deserve and the response they expect.

Our areas of expertise extend over all business lines, such as Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Real Estate, Construction, Sports & Leisure, Public Sector and Manufacturing


$3,000,000. Bodily Injury and Property Damage – Each Occurrence Limit
$3,000,000. Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Limit
$ 500,000. Tenant’s Legal Liability Limit – Any one premises
$ 5,000. Medical Payments Limit – Any one person
$ 3,000. Property Insurance (Massage Therapy Contents/Equipment) –
Per occurrence
$ 5,000. Identity Theft
$5,000,000. Commercial General Liability Insurance – General Aggregate
$3,000,000. Products Completed Operations – Aggregate Limit
$3,000,000. Standard Non-Owned Automobile Liability Policy (S.P.F. 6) –
Any one accident
$ 50,000. Damage to Hired Automobiles
$3,000,000. Employee Benefits Liability
$3,000,000. Employers Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Extension – Any
one action
$ 250,000. Abuse Limited Liability
$ 250. Each claim, all losses except,
$ 500. Each claim, Property Insurance
$3,000,000. Professional Liability Insurance – Each Occurrence Limit
$5,000,000. Professional Liability – Aggregate
$ 25,000. Disciplinary Action Legal Expenses Reimbursement
$ Nil
$ 90. Per Individual Member
Employee Benefits Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Extension
Standard Non-Owned Automobile Liability
Contractual Liability
Excluding Long-term Leased Vehicles
Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Vehicles


The Professional Liability Insurance policy of ANBMT will cover to the scope of practice of massage therapy.
The scope of practice is defined as:

The practice of massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissues and joints of the body and the
treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints by mobilization to
develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain, and does not include
manipulation or movement of the spine or the joints of the body beyond an individual’s usual physiological
range of motion, using a high velocity, low amplitude thrust. (Section 3(4) of the Massage Therapy Act, 2013)
Modalities in the Scope of Practice include, but are not limited to:

Any modality which directly relates to the practice of massage therapy, as approved by the CMTNB, such as
the study of:
· Active release
· Acupressure
· Acupuncture
· Anatomy and Physiology
· Aquatic massage therapy
· Activity of normal life intervention (ANLI) assessment
· Baths
· Bowen
· Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
· Clinical and orthopedic assessments
· Cold Packs
· Communication and the therapeutic relationship between therapist and
· Cranial Sacral Therapy including Unwinding
· Deep Connective Tissue
· Deep Muscle
· Deep Flow
· Esalen Tissue
· Ethics
· First Aid
· Hot Packs
· Hot Stone Therapy
· Infant massage
· Integrative Manual Therapy
· Joint Mobilization
· Jurisprudence
· Labour support
· Lomi Lomi
· Manual Lymph Drainage
· Muscle Energy
· Myofascial Release
· Neuromuscular Therapy
· Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment (NISA)
· Orthobionomy
· Pain management
· Pathology
· Perinatal and pregnancy
· Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
· Policies and Procedures of CMTNB
· Reflexology
· Remedial Exercise
· Research literacy
· Rolfing
· Self care
· Shiatsu including Moxibustion
· Sports Massage including athletic taping & bracing
· Strain/Counterstrain
· Structural Integration
· Swedish
· Therapeutic exercise
· Traditional Thai
· Trigger Point Therapy
· Tui Na
· Visceral Manipulation

All other modalities are subject to approval by the Continuing Education

* while acupuncture is considered to be within the scope of practice of massage therapy, additional postgraduate
training is required. In addition, acupuncture within the scope of practice of massage therapy
carries an additional risk of harm and therefore an added premium is required to extend coverage to this


The Professional Liability Insurance Program will also extend coverage to activities that are outside of but
considered complementary to the scope of practice of massage therapy. In these circumstances, the
activity should be provided as part of a massage therapy treatment plan.

Modalities considered complementary to massage therapy include but are not limited to:
· Alexander Technique
· Aromatherapy
· Feldenkrais
· Electrical therapy techniques including: IFC , TENS, Therapeutic
·Ultrasound, Pulsed High Frequency- Low Intensity Laser Therapy
· Guided Imagery
· Healing Touch (not yet approved by CMTO)
· Inhalation Therapy
· Kinesiology
· Meditation
· Pilates
· Reiki (1st degree only)
· Therapeutic Touch
· Touch for Health
· Trager
· Yoga

· Business or insurance practices and procedures in massage therapy

*Please note Yoga and Pilates must not constitute more than 30% of the therapists overall practice.
In the event the threshold of 30% is exceeded, additional insurance may be purchased separately.

PRODUCT SALES- This policy allows up to $25,000 in product sales- Products must relate to your modality, they cannot be self manufactured, tampered with, nor relabeled. Products can only be sold to existing clients.

This policy is an OCCURRANCE BASED FORM which means claims are covered when they occur during the policy term, regardless of when they are reported. For example if you stop paying for an occurrence based policy when you stop practicing, you will still have coverage for when you WERE practising, no matter when the actual claim is reported.

All practising and provisional members must carry Professional Liability Insurance, which you may purchase through the association. The association’s chosen insurance carrier is BFL CANADA.

Please follow the directions on the site to renew your insurance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the means listed in our ‘contact us’ section.