How to Become a Member

Provisional Member

Any new registrant with the ANBMT will be considered a Provisional Member and will remain as such with the Association no longer than thirty (30) consecutive days before providing proof of successful acceptance to and membership in good standing with a massage therapy regulatory college in Canada; and has paid the specified member fee in accordance with the current fee schedule and has met all requirements below.

*Please note: you must be a provisional or practising member with the ANBMT in order to opt into the ANBMT’s insurance program through BFL Canada.

To become a practising member with the ANBMT and to purchase professional liability insurance (PLI), we require the following information:

  • Provisional Member application form (please duly fill out this form–if it is your first time applying; otherwise, duly complete a Membership Renewal form).

  • Up-to-date First Aid/CPR (photocopies).

  • Criminal Record Check (a recent copy – no later than 6 months old maximum) *A copy of this document is acceptable; the original is not required.

  • Proof of graduation OR proof of membership in a College of Massage Therapy (e.g. copy of diploma, certificate, or copy of final official transcript) *FOR THOSE APPLICANTS WHO ARE A MEMBER OF A COLLEGE OF MASSAGE THERAPY–A COPY OF YOUR MT SCHOOL CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED.

  • Two pieces of government-issued identification (one piece must be photo identification).

  • Copy of letters from the CMTNB confirming successful completion of the OSCE and MCQ exams (PDF copies). 

    *Requirement for New Brunswick applicants.

  • Membership fees: please refer to the “Membership Fees” link for the exact amount. The BFL Canada Insurance fee schedule table is also located there. If you opt for professional liability insurance coverage through the ANBMT & BFL Canada. *Please provide proof of insurance coverage if you have coverage through another insurance carrier.

  • Complete a BFL Canada Insurance New Applicant application form (Download Form). Payment for membership fees should be made directly to the ANBMT. Payment for BFL Canada Insurance coverage should be made directly to the BFL Canada. You can get additional information about this insurance policy by clicking on “BFL Canada Insurance.

  • *Note: Your ANBMT membership fee must be paid before you can apply for professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance application forms and payment must be submitted to BFL Canada. Upon confirmation of your membership with the ANBMT, complete the insurance application form in its entirety, including your preferred method of payment and follow the instructions according to the form. Each BFL Canada applicant will be confirmed with the ANBMT to ensure that the membership renewal is complete AND the membership fee has been paid. Once your membership is confirmed with BFL Canada, they will send you an email with a breakdown of the premium and provide you with an invoice with further instructions. 

  • PAYMENT OPTIONS: E-transfer(; Credit Card (directly through viewing the ANBMT invoice online);  cheque or money order. *E-transfers require a security question and answer. Please inform the ANBMT once you’ve set your question and answer.

  • Documents may be sent by scan-to-email (, mail (address is indicated on the application form), or fax  to (506) 451-8173. *Please do not send pictures of documents taken with a phone.

Confirmation of Professional Liability Insurance

If you are applying to become a registrant of the College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick (CMTNB), and purchasing professional liability insurance through the ANBMT/BFL Canada Insurance, confirmation of purchase of PLI coverage will be provided to the CMTNB on your behalf indicating the effective date of coverage. The College accepts this as proof of PLI coverage until the PDF version of the insurance certificate is sent to the applicant by e-mail.