RMT/ACT Bid for Tax-Exempt Status (HST)

 CMTA Micro-Site & Bid for Tax-Exempt Status

The CMTA (Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance) has created a tax-exemption campaign with the government relations firm, H & K Solutions. The website www.RMTACT.ca will be the unified hub for this campaign, a place that will include: all information, updates, and areas for RMTs to engage. RMT/ACT is brought to you by a coalition of associations representing registered massage therapists (RMTs) across Canada. These groups have united to advocate for issues impacting RMTs and their patients/clients.

This website was designed to raise public awareness of the essential role of massage therapy as a healthcare option and to generate support for tax-exempt status of massage therapy. There will be many other features that will be rolled out using this hub; however, for now, we are simply seeking to gain support and build a community. We will continue to provide additional information to continue to engage supporters and then when the time comes for targeted advocacy, we can activate our supporters and drive mobilization from the public and members at a grassroots level. Engagement with this site will greatly strengthen our position when it comes time to make a formal request for tax-exemption to the Federal Minister of Finance.

RMTs are qualified, educated, and regulated—and their work has big payoffs for patients. Sign up today and learn more about our efforts to remove HST from RMT services. www.RMTACT.ca