Maternity/Parental Leave Policy

At some point during their career as an RMT, individuals may take a leave of absence from their employment and go on leave from their jobs for maternity or parental leave.

For ANBMT members interested in taking a leave of absence to care for a newborn baby, the Association offers a maternity/parental leave option. The cost of maintaining the Association for any given membership year is carefully budgeted and the ANBMT relies on those fees to conduct business. The costs associated with running the Association and advocating for the profession does not change significantly when a member is not practising or on leave. Maintaining the Association and the related expenses is shared by all members, regardless of their employment or any working status change during a membership year, except in extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the Board of Directors. (See Sick Leave/Medical Leave Policy)

ANBMT members are expected to contact the ANBMT in a timely manner to inform us of their maternity/parental leave. The member’s status will be adjusted accordingly and switched to Non-Practising status for the remainder of the membership year.

Practising Members who decide to take maternity/parental leave from their practice will have their member status changed to Non-Practising status (they will receive all of the same benefits as Practising status, with PL Insurance as an exception–see that below) until the end of their membership year. As such, individuals are not entitled to any refund or credit of membership dues paid.

At the conclusion of the membership year and upon renewal, a member on maternity/parental leave will have the option to change their status to Practising Member (if no longer on maternity/parental leave).

In order to maintain professional liability insurance through the ANBMT’s insurance program (Lackner McLennan Insurance) members must be an active member in good standing with their regulatory College and maintain Practising status and in good standing with the ANBMT. Any member taking maternity/parental leave and who is insured through the ANBMT’s insurance program will have their insurance premium 100% retained by Lackner McLennan Insurance. The RMT policy will be cancelled effective upon the date of taking maternity/parental leave.

When returning to Practising membership status with the ANBMT, a member may become a Practising Member and purchase professional liability insurance, if required. The fee for membership and professional liability insurance (PLI) may be prorated depending upon the point in the year at which the request for status change is made.