CST Basic Elements 2


October 20-22, 2023 – Fredericton, NB, Canada – Instructor: Gary Keeling, BPE, BSc
(PT), CSTA-CP-I – Hours: Friday 2pm-8pm, Sat./Sun. 9am-5pm

BE2: The Cranium
18 CEUs, $498, Pre-requisite: BE1 or equivalent training
This three-day class is a continuation of fundamental aspects of craniosacral
therapy and builds on knowledge and applications learned in BE1, now focusing on
the cranium and intracranial membranes.

These topics will be discussed:
 anatomy, palpation and treatment methodology of the cranial vault
 meningeal membranes, cranial nerves
 use of the cranial bones as handles to manually influence the fluid dynamics
and reciprocal tension mechanisms of the craniosacral system
 relationship of prominent facial bones to the cranial vault

The attending student–combining knowledge and skills acquired in this class and
BE1–will be able to do a more thorough assessment of the craniosacral system
and facilitate therapeutic change in the intracranial membranes that surround the
central nervous system.

Registration Fee: $498. U.S. (A $200. deposit is required with each registration.)
Canada: MTANS Approved for 10 Primary Units; CMTNB 9.5 Category A
Pre-requisite: BE1 or equivalent training
*Canadian Class Information, CEUs

Questions about this class or want to register by phone? Please call the CST Alliance office at 603-
948-2820 and ask for Jill.


Please Note: Canadian registrations must pay online and complete reg. form. See

Registration Fee: $498 U.S. (A $200 deposit is required with registration.)
Study guides will be provided at the class. Required text for the class is the “CST
Handbook” which can be purchased online here in advance or at the registration
desk on the first day of class. You can also order one by calling 603-948-2820