Understanding the Complexity of Concussion

An Education to Increase Your Confidence in this Often-Daunting Injury

According to recent directives received from BrokerLink Insurance, RMTs treating concussions are expected to include this as an additional modality, provide a certificate of training, and pay the indicated premium ($150 or the prorated amount). 

The concussion therapy course provides RMTs with additional training on how to assess and treat a patients concussion symptom. If they are focused on people with a concussion and using this additional training to provide the treatment (so acting outside the scope of their RMT training), then yes, they would need to have the additional coverage and pay the additional premium. 

Novex does accept Connor Collins’ course as a CEU course. Completion of this course allows RMTs to be able to assess and treat a patients concussion symptom. Novex deems this a higher-risk modality, as they do with adding acupuncture, which is why they are charging an additional premium.

Please know that the course instructor Conor Collins and the ANBMT’s Executive Director, along with our insurance representatives at BrokerLink Insurance advocated that Novex Insurance reconsider this additional premium over the course of the past year. 

If this applies to you and you would like to add this additional premium to your existing policy, please send a copy of your training certificate to be forwarded on your behalf to BrokerLink Insurance.