Webb v Aviva decision massage medical service

1. Will my automobile insurance policy cover the cost of massage therapy?
Yes. All New Brunswick standard automobile insurance policies include “Section B” benefits, which will pay for massage therapy.

2. Is there a limit on the amount I can claim under Section B?
Yes. That limit remains at $50,000.00, for all reasonable expenses for necessary medical, surgical, dental, chiropractic, hospital, professional nursing, ambulance service and other services which in your doctor’s opinion are essential for your treatment, occupational retraining or rehabilitation.

3. So, is massage therapy a medical service?
Yes. In February 2004 the New Brunswick Courts ruled that it is, when prescribed by a doctor.

4. What about the $2500.00 cap on automobile insurance claims?
That cap does not apply to the Section B benefits. The changes in auto insurance laws did not affect the fund of $50,000.00 available for retraining and rehabilitation, unless you have opted for the "no-frills" automobile insurance.

5. How long can I continue to use the Section B fund?
For up to 4 years after your accident.

6. Can my insurance company stop paying my massage therapist?
No. As long as your doctor prescribes massage therapy for your rehabilitation, your insurance company must continue to pay, up to the amount and time limits mentioned above.

7. Will I have to pay my massage therapist first, or will my insurance company pay directly?
That will depend on the administrative arrangements in your massage therapist’s office. Most massage therapists have a system of direct billing to insurance companies, but you should check with your massage therapist.

8. Will my insurance premiums increase if I make a claim under Section B for massage therapy?
If you were not at fault in the accident, there will be no effect whatsoever on your insurance premiums. The Section B fund is intended to help you in your recovery, without penalizing you when the other driver is at fault in the accident. If you were at fault, your premiums will increase in any event when your claim is processed. Making a claim under Section B will not add anything further to your premium increase.

(The information above is intended as a general guide. For specific advice about your own situation, you should speak with your insurance representative and your massage therapist.)

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