Assessment Techniques Workshop

Integrate a BioPsychoSocial approach to assesment

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This course will take 2 hours to work through.

By taking this workshop you will learn:

  • How your word choice can affect the conversation
  • How to assess an individual through a BioPsychoSocial approach
  • How to accurately assess for Activities of Daily Life
  • How to engage, involve, and empower your clients
  • How to adapt home-care plans to your patient’s needs
  • How to perform a light palpation assessment

Feeling a bit lost in your assessment? Having trouble with patients not adhering to home-care regimes? This workshop will provide you the necessary steps to take immediate action with your clients, and increase your follow-through. The course assumes a general knowledge in manual therapy, but can be useful for all professionals that perform intake assessments. More is going on in your patient’s life than just the physicals, let me show you have to involve the patient’s full life, and get more results. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

This course has been approved for CEU by the following organizations:

CMTNB….1 Cat A